--Open International Bidding
--Construction of an Interchange at Hillcrest across Motorway M1 (Design-Build/Turnkey)
--Annual Supply of Erythropoietin
--Repair of Turntable Ladder GM 4574
--Construction of Market/Fair and Traffic Centre at Goodlands
--Services for Training of Driving Instructors and Driving Test Examiners for Motorcars in an appropriately equipped Training Centre in Mauritius.
-- Annual Supply of Anti-Hypertensive Drugs.
-- Annual Supply of Renal Drugs.
--Annual Supply of Pharmaceutical Products for Ear, Nose and Oropharynx.
--Annual Supply of Cytotoxic Drugs.
--Annual Supply of Critical Drugs.
--Request for Proposal for Consultancy Services for the Implementation of e-Passport in Mauritius
--Vacancy for the post of Executive Director
--Access Public Procurement Website.


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Time difference with Mauritius :

2 hrs

Official hours of work :

8.45 a.m to 4.00 p.m from Sunday to Thursday


1st Floor,33
Ismail Mohamed Street


(202) 2736 5208
(202) 2736 5209


(202) 2736 5206



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