--Open International Bidding
Consultancy Services for the Development of :a) Design Standards for Cycling Integration for the Republic of Mauritius, and b) A detailed Cycling Network Plan for four (4) specific town/ villages of the Republic of Mauritius.
--Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Mass Comparators for Legal Metrology Services, Mauritius.
--Provision for Consultancy Services for Public Relations in the United Kingdom.
--Drafting of Codes of Standards for Yatchs (Codes A,B and C) in Commercial or Private Use.


The Mauritius High Commission in Maputo, Mozambique was opened on 30 April 1999. Mr. Devaraj Virahsawmy was the first resident High Commissioner of Mauritius in Maputo, Mozambique. He presented his Letters of Credence on 16 August 2000 to the President of Mozambique.

The High Commission covers Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

-Contract WW 404C- Transaction Advisory Services for the BOT Project for New Roche Bois Wastewater Pumping Station and Baie du Tombeau Wastewater Treatment Plant.
--Annual Supply of Pharmaceutical Products for Respiratory System.
--Annual Supply of Pharmaceutical Products for Endocrine System.
--Construction of Market/Fair and Traffic Centre at Goodlands


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