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About the Mission

Since its setting up in 1995, the Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius has been concentrating its activities on consular- related matters ranging from the issue of visas to Indian nationals to assisting Mauritians in Mumbai and the State of Maharashtra.

With the passage of time, diplomatic officers posted in Mumbai ensured a gradual transition towards other activities including rapprochement with the business community, fostering cultural ties between the peoples of Mauritius and India and tapping other areas of co-operation for the mutual benefits of both countries. With the emergence of India as a major business, manufacturing and investment centre, the Consulate is poised to expand its scope of activities and tap opportunities in commercial and investment sectors.

Following the introduction of the government policy on waiver of tourist and business visas for a maximum period of 60 days for Indian visitors, the Consulate further pursues its task of issuing the necessary immigration permits to Indian nationals for purposes ranging from employment, social and religious visits to accompanying parents, social, subject to conditions.

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