Consular activities

The consular section situated in the premises of the embassy is visited by an average of 45 persons daily. The following services are offered to the public on a daily basis:

  • visas

    Eu citizens are exempted from visa when visiting mauritius. Mission issues a maximum 3 month visa for business and tourist purposes to other nationals residing in france, mainly from algerians, ivory coast as well as nationals of other eastern european countries. For the period january to august 2009, 664 visas have been processed/issued by the embassy.

  • processing of passport applications and related enquiries

    For calendar year 2010, 978 Passport Applications have been processed by the Embassy and sent to the Passport & Immigration Office. For the same period, the Embassy received 829 Passports from the PIO for onward transmission to the applicants residing in France & other European countries covered by the Mission.

  • additional services

    In addition to the requests for new Passports, the Embassy issued, as a matter of urgency, 145 Travel Documents & 658 Visas to foreign nationals travelling to Mauritius. The Embassy also issued 400 "certificats de coutumes", 200 life certificates. Mission also legalizes documents for business and administrative purposes.

  • mauritius students queries

    The embassy also meets and responds to queries from mauritian students, particularly, with respect to french administrative procedures, which can be quite tedious. There are approximately 1000 mauritian students in france, including 200 who have benefited from scholarships.

  • assisting mauritian nationals

    Assistance to mauritian nationals includes, assisting mauritian in distress, helping mauritian with administrative procedures both in france and mauritius, assisting in cases of lost passports, repatriation of mortal remains.

  • customer oriented consular section

    Mission wishes to inform that there has been much improvement in the consular section, which has been reorganised and beefed up. Indeed, a personalised and customer-care oriented consular service is now operational at mission; the visitor is channelled as from the moment he/she enters the embassy according to the nature of his/her needs.

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