Mauritius - Washington

Presentation of Credentials to US Chief of Protocol on 23 July 2015

Ambassador S. Phokeer and Ambassador Peter A. Selfridge

Winternational 2015 - International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

The Embassy participated in the fourth edition of Winternational 2015, which was held at the International Trade Centre on 09 December 2015.  The event was an excellent opportunity for the Embassy to promote Mauritius not only as a worldwide tourist destination but also to exhibit the different aspects of our services industry, marine ecosystem, etc. 

Mauritian products such as rhum, tea, special sugars, jewellery, perfumes, apparel, plush toys, and other specialties were displayed and generated considerable interest among the public. 

Visitors included government agencies, private sector companies, academic institutions, trade associations and the general public.  They experienced the rich cultural traditions, travel opportunities and trade initiatives of the Washingtonian diplomatic community. 


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